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Electrolux Professional Laundry Equipment Tips

by laundry on January 6, 2017 No comments

Washing Machine Monitoring tip.

Due to the 3000 series up wards machines having a program time check facility it is easy to monitor you washing machine for any increase in program time. The obvious reason for monitoring this, is to keep your laundry running at its most efficient in terms of productivity. If a machine is suddenly taking 20 minutes longer on each program, then over 6 washes you have lost 2 hours of possible productivity in wash time. An average 40 degree cycle may only take 45 minutes, depending on the size of the washer. Therefore due to that program slowing down you have lost nearly 3 more washes on that machine in your wash day. So it’s always a good idea to monitor the times and keep a record of these times so you can see if a machine is starting to take longer than normal.

Please note that some minor time variations are normal, this can be for numerous reasons, temperature of incoming water supply, pressure of incoming water supply and so on. Any time difference of more than 6 minutes should be investigated to establish whether there is a fault or not. One of the most common causes of a machine taking to long is failure of one or more of the elements. Get the elements checked and replace where necessary.

Various elements are available in our spare parts shop. If the element you require is not in the shop please email us with your model or part number found on the front of the element and we will be happy to supply the elements you require.

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