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Electrolux Professional Laundry Equipment

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Electrolux Professional
Critical points

Detailed, well thought-out features and unique extras for Front Loaded Washers, Barrier Washers and Tumble Dryers.
Up to 15 % energy savings thanks to Eco Power for Dryers within the self-service business, Calculates when garments are
dry and automatically reduces dryer heat to the cool-down temperature. Keeps turning until paid time out.
Unique from Electrolux Minimised maintenance, extended lifetime due to Power Balance for Washers, Revolutionary unbalance detection
system with higher G-factor. Shorter drying times due to most efficient water extraction. Enables more silent operation thanks to less machine vibration. High reliability, extra-long lifetime due to quality construction with quality components for washers and dryers. Robust steel door and hinges set wide apart. Extremely robust and durable cabinet.

Cost savings in water and energy thanks to automatic saving system for washers, which determines the load weight and adds the correct amount of water. Up to 50% water savings for half laods, energy savings due to less water to heat. Best flexibility and customised process performance with  Compass Pro® for washers and dryers.

laundryElectrolux Professional Laundry Equipment

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