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Adding new brands to our existing parts catalogue

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We are proud to announce that we have managed to acquire access to spare parts for numerous other brands of washing machines and tumble dryers. Please read the extensive list below of the new brands we cover. Unfortunately it will be some time before we can get the parts on the website for easy ordering. Please in the first instance be kind enough to email us your inquiry through the website, for any of the brands mentioned and we will reply as soon as possible. The make, model, and were possibly the serial number, along with the description of the part, and or part number if possible will make it much easier for us to source and price the part you require.

We are now able to supply parts for: Alliance, Asko, GMP Commercial, Huebsch, Laco Machinery, Lapauw, Loadstar, Maytag, Primus, Schulthess, Speed Queen, Twinstar, UniMac,


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laundryAdding new brands to our existing parts catalogue

Electrolux Professional Laundry Equipment New Pound Coin Mechanism

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New One Pound Coin Mechanism

Once again the vending machine market has to cope with the cost of replacing there coin mechanisms to fit the new one pound coin. We now have the part numbers for the new mechanisms so please see attached photos of the new mechanisms and there relevant part numbers. I have tried to keep the prices as competitive as possible for you, so please view the models you require and check the dimensions to make sure you order the correct size you need.



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laundryElectrolux Professional Laundry Equipment New Pound Coin Mechanism

Electrolux Professional Laundry Equipment Spare Part Tips

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W455H, W555H, W75, W160 ETC Drain valve sticks in the closed position.

This is a very common fault on these drain valves and it is very often the case that a new drain valve is fitted. However there is a cheaper option if you are happy to do a small amount of work to renovate the drain valve. Most of the time the cause of the drain valve sticking is the small motor and gearbox jamming up or simply the torsion spring has broken. The part numbers below are the main parts required to renovate your drain valve and they come to about half the cost of a full drain valve. Why not try this out and same some money.

Motor 471972701
Torsion Spring 471780401
Shaft 472601700

All of these parts can be purchased through this website. I hope this helps you and more tips to follow another day.

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laundryElectrolux Professional Laundry Equipment Spare Part Tips